What is About Bob really all about?.

About Bob is about us, team bob, but far more importantly about you, our client, and your needs.  About Bob is about creating cost effective, high end moving content in a fast world with ever changing production demands. About Bob is about collaboration and teamwork, teamwork is the heart of bob, we work inclusively at every stage of production with everyone involved.
About Bob is about 40 combined years of film experience and an unquenched love of producing moving pictures. This experience and passion ensures our approach to projects is new and fresh while tempered with innate bob realism. We know today’s budgets are challenging in their creative demands and embrace this with gusto. We measure, evaluate and discuss before diving in, always giving full bob for your buck .
About Bob is about a far reaching global vision that manifests at a local level. Ably supported by enviable production resources, a fully staffed office, spacious studio, high end camera, lights and action, bob.
Put simply bob is about teamwork, you and us, and the best production values we can bobbing well give you.
And there it is, bob’s your uncle. 

About Matt 

Award winning director Matt Wilson has worked all over the world for some of the biggest brands on the planet, directing hundreds of TVCs, music videos and online spots. 
Yet even with all these achievements Matt’s undiminished love of film making ensures that he is never looking backwards. Matt is about using his experience to bring something fresh to every bob project, especially yours.
Matt is about telling your whole story, with knowledge, with style and with passion. Matt is about really delivering the goods.
When he is not making, watching or thinking about moving pictures, Matt will be strumming his guitar or riding those waves.
Matt, bob’s story maker.

About Jules

Twenty years of experience have made Jules Tahan all about delivering on message, spreading the right story with bold, absorbing images, still and moving. While he is all about pictures Jules is also about managing, problem solving and communication. Clear succinct visual and verbal communication.
And Jules is about toys, if there is a better piece of kit that will create something new for your bob project, Jules has already bought it.
Finally, Jules has a thing about Mountain Bikes, seriously he rides hard, we know because he never leaves home without bob’s latest drone stuck on his tail or above his head.
Jules, bob’s allrounder.

About Raphael

Raphael is about edge. About using technology to challenge traditional sensibilities and work practices. About creating new aesthetic paradigms in bob’s work and yours.
Schooled in photography and honed in Film, Fine Art, Music and Design, his creative background was never about borders.   
Raphael is all about pushing the creative boundaries with the best tech available and flawless attention to detail.  
Raphael is about looking forward, about space travel, his cats and Life on Mars. 
Raphael, bob’s rocket man.